Westminster Alchimique Bronze » 18/10 stainless steel cutlery set with Alchimique Bronze finish

Complete cutlery series of the Westminster Alchimique Bronze collection, sold by the dozen.
The Westminster collection is an 18/10 stainless steel cutlery series. Westminster Alchimique Bronze line is proposed in its special finishing Alchimique Bronze.


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Name Price Quantity Add
Set of 24 Pieces - 6 Table Places - Standard Packaging 2SB20091 €444.30
Set of 16 Pieces - 4 Table Places - Standard Packaging 2SB200SN €297.66
Set of 24 Pieces - 6 Table Places - Gift Box 2SB2$091 €462.16
Set of 16 Pieces - 4 Table Places - Gift Box 2SB2$0SN €315.52
Table Spoon 2SB20001 €19.06
Table fork 2SB20002 €19.06
table knife 2SB20003 €22.35
Dessert spoon 2SB20004 €19.06
Dessert fork 2SB20005 €19.06
Dessert knife 2SB20006 €22.35
Tea-coffee spoon 2SB20007 €12.86
Moka spoon 2SB20008 €12.64
Pastry fork 2SB20017 €17.32


Details and Style

This model, a timeless evergreen, matches to the warm and cosy shade of Bronze. This is an elegant line for the most important and inconic occasions,a line that finds its place in the most various mise en place.

Use and Care Instructions
The Westminster Alchimique Bronze cutlery collection is dishwasher-safe.
Clean immediately after use.
Wash knives separately from other cutlery while using the dishwasher.
Wash with suitable detergents, avoiding chlorine-based products and bleaching agents.
Dry thoroughly after washing.
Carefully remove salt, lemon, vinegar and tomato sauce remnants, and do not use abrasive dish cloths or metal scourers.

The cutlery set is sent in a Lux cardboard or Lux gift box, both bearing the Pinti Inox trademark.

16-piece set: 4 Tablespoons, 4 Table forks, 4 Table knives, 4 Coffee spoons.
24-piece set: 6 Tablespoons, 6 Table forks, 6 Table knives, 6 Coffee spoons.

Tablespoons: 20,6 cm
Table forks: 20,7 cm
Table knives: 23 cm
Fruit/dessert spoons: 17,8 cm
Fruit/dessert forks: 18,6 cm
Fruit/dessert knives: 20 cm
Tea/coffee spoons: 14,5 cm
Mocha/espresso spoons: 11,8 cm
3-tine dessert forks: 15 cm


Data sheet

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