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Complete series of cutlery from the Stresa collection, which can be purchased by the dozen or in table sets for 4 or 6 people (16 or 24 pieces).
The set includes spoons, forks, knives and coffee spoons.
The cutlery from the Stresa collection is distinguished by its smooth, shiny surface and elegant, sinuous shapes. The handle is slim and gradually expands towards the end with gentle curve.


  • Loose cutlery can only be purchased in packs of 12
  • GIFT packaging set delivery needs 7 working days for Italy and 10 working days for Europe.


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Name Price Quantity Add
Set of 24 Pieces - 6 Table Places - Standard Packaging 03200091 €82.96
Moka spoon 03200008 €1.56
coltello bistecca 03200067 €4.39
coltello pizza 03200051 €4.39
Long drink spoon 03200036 €2.61
Butter spreader 03200025 €2.98
Fish knife 03200029 €3.51
Fish fork 03200028 €3.51
Pastry fork 03200017 €1.76
Tea-coffee spoon 03200007 €1.56
Set of 16 Pieces - 4 Table Places - Standard Packaging 032000SN €57.34
Dessert knife 03200006 €6.25
Dessert fork 03200005 €2.76
Dessert spoon 03200004 €2.76
table knife 03200003 €6.42
Table fork 03200002 €2.76
Table Spoon 03200001 €2.76
Set of 16 Pieces - 4 Table Places - Gift Box 0320$0SN €74.42
Set of 24 Pieces - 6 Table Places - Gift Box 0320$091 €102.48
Party knife 03200019 €2.76
Sold out


Stresa cutlery is an execellent choice for those who want an elegant, yet classic ctlery set characterised by sinuous shapes and soft contours. Cutlery suitable for every occasion, from everyday use to more important and formal dinners. 

Details and Style
Stresa cutlery is distinguished by its simple elegance. The shape of the cutlery is harmonious, characterised by sinuous curved lines that make it pleasant to look at and handle. 
In particular, the handle of the rounded Stresa cutlery fits perfectly in the hand and offers a firm and comfortable grip. The body of the handle is slim and slender, but gradually widens towards the end with a soft curve, giving the cutlery a classic style. 

Use and Care Instructions
The Sky cutlery collection is dishwasher-safe.
Clean immediately after use.
Wash knives separately from other cutlery while using the dishwasher.
Wash with suitable detergents, avoiding chlorine-based products and bleaching agents.
Dry thoroughly after washing.
Carefully remove salt, lemon, vinegar and tomato sauce remnants, and do not use abrasive dish cloths or metal scourers.

Content of the Package
The cutlery set is sent in a standard cardboard box or gift box, both bearing the Pinti Inox trademark.

16-piece set: 4 Tablespoons, 4 Table forks, 4 Table knives, 4 Coffee spoons
24-piece set: 6 Tablespoons, 6 Table forks, 6 Table knives, 6 Coffee spoons

Tablespoons: 19,60 cm
Table forks: 19,60 cm
Table knives: 22,20 cm
Fruit/dessert spoons: 17,80 cm
Fruit/dessert forks: 17,70 cm 
Fruit/dessert knives: 17,70 cm
Tea/coffee spoons: 14,10 cm
3-tine dessert forks: 15,10 cm
Butter knives: 17,0 cm
Soda spoons: 21,0 cm
Steak knives: 22,90 cm
Pizza knives: 21,30 cm


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Colore Finitura
Colore Manico
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